Grammar of Life

Back in 2013, I was challenged to write a blog series detailing the top twenty grammar errors. No one, of course, cares that much about grammar to seek out one more blog on grammar when there are so many better resources available–aka Grammar Girl.  Believing average readers are interested in grammar is kind of like traveling down an empty road in Wyoming; gets you nowhere pretty dang quick.

I have considered deleting the series altogether, but have found myself referring to my little guide within my teaching profession. So, the series of posts remain. Eventually, I’ll put together a PDF that you can download if you really feel the need to splice your commas.

In the meantime, here is the list of grammar errors:

  1. No comma after introductory element
  2. Vague pronoun reference
  3. No comma in a compound sentence
  4. Wrong Word
  5. No comma in non-restrictive element
  6. Wrong/missing inflected endings
  7. Wrong or missing prepositions
  8. Comma splice
  9. Possessive apostrophe error
  10. Tense shift
  11. Unnecessary shift in person
  12. Sentence fragment
  13. Wrong tense or verb form
  14. Subjective-verb agreement
  15. Lack of comma in a series
  16. Pronoun agreement error
  17. Unnecessary comma with restrictive element
  18. Run-on or fused sentence
  19. Dangling or misplaced modifier
  20. Its versus It’s error

    And five bonus errors:

  21. Capitalization
  22. Quotation marks
  23. Question marks
  24. Double negatives
  25. Spelling (homophones, doubling rule)