About Steve

“Good writing is always about things that are important to you, things that are scary to you, things that eat you up.”

-John Edgar Wideman

Steve Bargdill hails from the great metropolis New Knoxville, Ohio where he regaled his high school English teachers with essays on the lost art of the outhouse. He is a father, a student, a teacher, a PhD wannabe, maker of galaxies, tamer of dragons. Slave to his cat. A time travel dreamer.

He is a lover of ink pens (uniball bold 207 thank you very much), and is often jittery due to the amount of coffee he drinks. He met his wife over a strong cup of coffee, and will never forget that day, though he often forgets the small things, like social security numbers and birth years, the color of eyes, and names.

Steve has lived everywhere–or at least it feels like he has lived everywhere: Dayton, Columbus, Troy, St. Marys, Lincoln, Nebraska, Muncie, Indiana, Laramie, Wyoming, New Hampshire. Where he has not lived, he has seen, traveling U.S. highways delivering frozen TV dinners, apples, chocolate, and T-shirts in the back of a fifty-two foot trailer. He has seen the backsides of many warehouses. He is a self-proclaimed Americanist, regrets not ever hiking the Appalachian Trail, and believes literature weaves through our everyday lives; that stories explain who we are.