Indie Literati

Jay Lemming has been exploring the idea of indie literary fiction in what has turned into an interesting and ongoing series of author interviews.

Thus far, he has interviewed Dan Holloway, Kathleen Jones, J.S. Watts, and Linda Gillard. And, Lemming has interviewed me as well, so keep an eye out for when that posts on his site. All the interview questions are the same, but the responses Lemming has received are absolutely fascinating. What I particularly like about this series of interviews is that for such a long time I felt like I was floundering in the vast ocean of the indie author movement, writing non-genre, struggling to find readers. Everyone seems to only talk about fantasy, sci-fi, romance, and erotica. Not many embrace the literati, and many are suggesting literary fiction is dead, such as IndieReader. There, of course, have been the lone voices such as Blue Lit, but the last post that site made was way back in 2012.

On Lemming’s site, Dan Holloway says “Literary fiction is what other people write while you’re trying to define literary fiction!”

Kathleen Jones says, “Literary fiction is writing that isn’t driven solely by plot or character and doesn’t give a toss about genre or the gender of the reader.”

J.S. Watts: “I define literary fiction as well written, stylish fiction with something to say beyond the immediate story line. It’s good writing with depth.”

Then Linda Gillard says, “I believe there are two types of book—those that comfort and those that confront. Commercial fiction comforts.”

The indie literati are out there; we are not alone.



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