Let the Blood Drop


Daylight Savings Time, what the heck Benjamin Franklin–why did you think this was a good idea?

And I’ve gotten old. I used to love the Spring Forward an hour. Let’s get the day started kind of thing. The Fall Back an hour–that was the hard one on me. I was always an hour early. Or, the extra hour of sleep just made me overly groggy.

But now, both Fall Back and Spring Forward kick my ass–and Standard Time has become such a short span of months, by the time I get used to the new schedule, it just starts all over again.


Luckily, for me, this year coincided with spring break–one of the nicer moments about being an academic. I called my own hours. Slept in until six, took naps, worked on my new novel and did my own thing. But yeah. Kristen Lamb, stab DLST in its face. Stab it hard and watch the blood drop on the floor from your knife.


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