Top Ten Pizza Delivery Tips

pizzaWant to treat your pizza delivery driver right? Here are ten tips!

10. Turn on your porch light.

9. Answer your phone.

8. Two dollars is a good tip. Five is better.

7. Don’t expect we’ll have change for a hundred dollar bill.

6. Don’t say you ordered something when you really didn’t.

5. We’re not supposed to, but if it’s raining, ask us inside.

4. Shovel the dang snow.

3. Don’t ask if you can pay for the pizza by showing off a naked body part.

2. Pajamas are okay, but wear something more than a towel when you come to the door. Unless you are really, really good looking but most people aren’t that good looking.

1. Don’t shoot the pizza delivery driver.

clicktotweetDon’t shoot the pizza delivery driver

–Steve Bargdill no longer delivers pizza. Instead, he teaches writing and produces the occasional novel. His last novel, Banana Sandwich, is all about delivering pizzas, living in a van, and being crazy.


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